Programs' presentation

ICAN offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Digital Design, 3D Animation and Video Games. Through the exciting curriculum and effective pedagogy methods, students develop creative skills along with team building skills to master the digital tools in their specific fields.

The ICAN pedagogy puts forward exchanges between students, professors, the business community, researchers, designers and renowned consultants.
Hence, a great number of our faculty members come from the industries related to the topics they teach. To go beyond the practical experience, lectures are part of the curriculum, where researchers and consultants open students’ minds and perspectives to the latest and future techniques in the fields of digital design, creation and virtual animation.

The Bachelor’s Program offers three specializations :
  • Game Design
  • Digital Animation
  • Web Creation & Multimedia

The Gradudate Program offers three specializations :

  • Engineering of Image and Video Games
  • Interactive Animation & Special Effects
  • Web Design Management & Expertise


ICAN delivers courses in 3D animation techniques, concepts and methods of Game Design, Web Design and creation of interfaces and content for the web.

Core courses equip students with the fundamentals in interactive audiovisual techniques and the required concentrations in their chosen fields.

On the third year, a double-degree program with Canadian universities is offered and on the fifth year, students can attend a joint-program with the Computer Engineering curriculum offered at ESGI, a school part of the GES Schools’ Network. In the fifth year, students have to work on an applied research related to their concentration, and defend a master thesis before a jury to be awarded their degree.